Precision Casting

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Manufacturing Wax Molds

Using molds to shape the desired shape by wax injection molding, repair and process the produced wax molds to ensure high accuracy and good quality. Then, group the wax molds together into a tree like structure, leaving a pouring port

Sticking slurry and sand

Add Your HeadiDip some slurry onto the wax mold, then add some sand (refractory coating and refractory sand), and then continue to apply some slurry to harden the shell shape and keep it dry, making it into the shell shapeng Text Here

Make Shell Shapes

Melt all the wax inside the prepared shell model using steam, which is commonly known as dewaxing treatment. Then, the shell model needs to be subjected to a roasting process to form a high-temperature resistant shell model

Casting Molding

Pour the molten metal liquid into the prepared shell model to form a blank of the casting. After sufficient cooling, use manual hammering or vibration to separate the shell model from the casting and obtain the required casting


Our surface finishes service including: painting, electroplating, powder coating, anodizing, polishing, black oxide, conversion coating, bead blasting, abrasive blasting.etc