Customized Aluminum Screws

Customized Aluminum Screws

Soleno is the only fully Quebec-based and owned company manufacturing HDPE pipes in Canada.

1,Drainage system projects need fasteners, but the market lacks the standard parts they need, so after a lot of searching, found us JINGBANG in alibaba!

willianm Tell us engineers need screws like these.

1.2,Initial discussion of product details.

2.February 23rd quotation, 28th customers (engineers) asked for samples and material grade + March 1st reply to the customer material grade, pay a deposit to do samples

3.Asked the customer whether they need surface treatment, the customer (engineer) replied that the surface they do not need surface treatment, and for the welding expressed some concern, asked us whether there is a simpler process or in the design of the idea can provide, our engineers replied, the customer because the need for one-piece screws, welding will be more economical, but you need to be clear about the specific application of the screws used.Reply to:JPG

Pay the deposit after confirming all the details

5.1July 24th: The factory informs that welding aluminum material may not be possible, and producing 50 pre-production samples is challenging, suggesting only 2-3 can be made. Stainless steel samples are proposed and sent for testing.

5.2 August 1st: Due to the low melting point of aluminum, a solution is proposed using locking screws to secure the pin. The customer agrees, and samples are sent for testing.

5.3 August 22nd: The customer receives and tests the samples. While overall satisfactory, the locking screws fail to secure the pin. The customer suggests a press-fit process. Engineers propose using thread adhesive and promise to send new samples for testing within the week.

5.4 September 14th: The customer provides feedback on the second set of samples, expressing concern about potential detachment and inquires again about the feasibility of a press-fit process.

5.5 September 25th: Engineers respond, explaining that due to material characteristics, a press-fit process may damage the bolts and be more expensive. Considering material properties and cost-effectiveness, they recommend using thread adhesive. The customer agrees to use thread adhesive, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the pin won’t detach for outdoor use. They stress the avoidance of post-sale issues. The customer is informed of the production schedule for 5000 units.